welcome to pistachio party. we don't have anything to drink

hosting my original poetry, writing, and art. occasionally i blog about life, dumb tech, and music.

i fucking hate traditional social media, so i'm here instead. i love talking to people-- please hmu if you like my work or think we have something in common to chat about!

my poetry and fiction often reference restrictive eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and medical trauma. there's also occasionally adult themes and naughty no-no words. proceed with caution.

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more about me and what i like

books: kim un-su-- the cabinet, olga ravn-- the employees, hiroko oyamada-- the factory, fernando a. flores-- tears of the truffle-pig, kazuo ishiguro-- the remains of the day, neil gaiman-- american gods

music: computerwife-- computerwife, model/actriz-- dogs body, black dice-- mod prog sic, dawuna-- glass lit dream, chat pile-- god's country

other stuff i care about: flip phones, cds, sustainable agriculture, blender, trans people (heart emoji)

if you want to get in touch, you can email me at njj.02@proton.me or send me a message on discord @arkhamcycle. if you want to text me or mail physical letters, which would be fucking awesome and very welcomed, send me a message and i can give you my phone or address (please only if you're 18+ though!)

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