hopefully historically sound information on ancient celtic druid practices

at this time i'm interested in cultivating a personal spiritual practice, and i'm interested in incorporating elements of celtic druidry into that as a form of ancestral homage. however, i find that a lot of readily available information about celtic magic rubs me the wrong way. it seems to be based a lot on people who made stuff up in the late 1800s and the 1900s and not on historical scholarship, which is what i personally find really interesting. some of the stuff i've seen also has racist undertones or is overtly racist-- i flipped through a book called "celtic magic" or something once where on the first few pasges it talked about the "remarkable ability of celtic people to make themselves at home in foreign lands", which is certainly A way to talk about colonialism. so not a fan of any of that.

i'd like any spiritual practice i engage in to make me feel as though i am connected to my body, to nature and ancient history. i'd also like my spirituality to help me ourish my mental wellness and aid in introspection. so i'm interested in developing my own practice of druidry based on sound historical scholarship. as a non-academic i can't guarantee that everything on this page is going to be 100% sound, but know that i am trying.

jacqueline borsje--spells and counterspells