music: geese in concert! (05/29/2024)

geese is an american post-punk/classic rock revival/alt-blues band from brooklyn. their sophomore album 3d country has been highly critically acclaimed and they've been touring to promote it. the last tour stop was in bloomington, indiana on may 24th, and i was lucky enough to be right up front!

the band consists of cameron winter on vocals, em green on guitar, dominic digesu on bass and max bassin on drums. more like max drumsin. sorry. i didn't say that. who said that? anyways there used to be a fifth guy but he quit to go to college or something so there's a keyboard/keytar player who wikipedia lists as a touring member; his name is sam revaz. i was right next to the stage on the side so i know those fuckers saw me singing and jumping around and shit. also cameron winters made eye contact with me twice. maybe we are in love?

most of the setlist came from 3d country but a large portion was also rom their debut projector, which i don't know as well and couldn't sing. the energy was maximum-level; everyone was singing. the instrumentals were super tight and they gave cameron free reign to do a lot of vocal shit differently. fun additions included a prop goose on the stage and a gong which various members banged over the course of the show. i did notice that it seemed like cameron got a little worn out vocally by the end, which makes sense because the vocals are super demanding and i had also lost my voice by that point.

anyways, i got the setlist and am waiting to figure out how to iron it out safely so i can frame it and hang it up! i also got a sick white shirt which i immediately spilled soy sauce on. so in conclusion geese are great and i wish i could go back to nyc with them and like... sit around making them coffee and stuff. they seem chill.