establishing blog guidelines

i wanted to outline what i feel like this blog should be and accomplish. i don't want to treat it as a "project," and i certainly don't want it to replace my personal journaling, not that i do that enough. i'm torn between my desire to approach the internet through a minimalist lens- i.e. that i should be online as little as possible- and my desire to engage with a community and hobby that i'm really interested in right now. this page is an attempt to help myself soothe a little of that cognitive dissonance.

i will be posting about a limited set of interests: technology, namely flip and keypad phones; music, including albums, cds, alternative streaming methods and concerts; books and writing. if i become deeply involved in some other hobby that inspires me to post here, i will start doing that. i will not be posting about my personal life, mental health or relationships, because i'd like to reserve those things for my pen-and-paper journal.

i will try not to post at odd hours or post more than once a week. i'm under no obligation to post regularly, and i'm also under no obligation to post about anything unless i really feel inspired to do so. i will also not be posting pictures, unless i feel like they're really necessary.

readers can expect reviews of retro and "dumb" tech, music, book and concert reviews, updates on writing and other personal projects, etc.