death i.

Mommy wants to see when the comet hits us, but we have to get underground. Many aliens and creatures from my favorite television show Adventure Time come down to shelter with us. Sometimes they kick us out of our homes. Sometimes we dig a very deep hole with a ladder going down into it. A small fairy creature jumps into the hole and comes back different. Nobody wants to say what it is now; nobody wants to talk about it. The comet is getting closer and I squeeze her hand. She doesn't want me to talk. It hurts because this is the thing that I will miss. We see it flash in the sky. Can she hear us? No, I don't think so. The creatures find their holes. We step over many aliens and fairy creatures, all petrified into solid slabs of rock. At the wall, Jake from Adventure Time is standing on the wall. This wall is made of left arms and left legs. Mommy gives a piece of her eyeball away. Jake falls off the wall into a puddle of mud and shit. Mommy wants to see when the comet hits us. She thinks it will be pretty, like peace.