human fly

i have anger to exorcize
like a club, to smash
into the wall of the box
to punch a new hole for air
i resent the success of others
i am an invasive species

where are my flowers,
my fruit? to punish
the soft body of fruit
to cut the soft rotten fruit
to grind the soft round fruit
into the pavement
to punch needles into the soft skin of the rotten fruit
i can make the fruit cry
the persimmons bumbling around in the parking lot
i can pierce your ugly soft flesh and drag you around on a hook
the stupid waiting fruit
i can break your fingers backwards

someday my wings ripped off
i am an invasive species
my legs broken backwards.
there's a weird kid with a magnifying glass
who likes it when i twitch
and he likes to point at me
and tell everyone i can't feel pain