really pretty woman

honey i love your gucci rhinestone kittycat sweater your pink gucci gucci fiber you way you exist next to a blonde coffee. what ruleset does your body into? how do you gym? where do you shop? what is your degrees fahrenheit? honey do you want to go to goodwill? do you want to go to dunkin donuts? do you want to reapply the pheromones you forgot today? i forgot how to smell your neck.

come on to the sidewalk more and out of the grass honey and you can accept your goodwill award. you can accept your secondhand award and your ethical coffee award and your woman award and your ruleset award and your piece of notebook paper award. honey when i take your hands i feel them are shivering? because the blood belonging to your knuckles and fingertips went somewhere else?

why is your blood numbers? a shivering husk full of numbers? why are your fingernails turning into the blades of an industrial paper slicer? every morning you cut the rope and dump gucci onto yourself, like slime. you smell like an industry.