4 the price
of biting the rubber gag rlly hard
digital moodboard aesthetic vivisection
of u, android:
paying out the ass
2 get ur lithium watched
ur lithium ion batteries
ur xpensive lithium ion batteries

eating it up like microplastic
u switching everything
up constantly and ur perfect
skinnyrich populace
eating u et cetera:
with ur skin
and ur pill
and ur pill
and ur pill
and ur machinehorse
heart and ur leaking eyes
tearing with lithium
leaking acid, waste of lithium
ur expensive lithium ion batteries

"i want 2 become dot dot dot"
      a black box around my,
      a heap of electronic waste
      piled on top of my
gender: extremely impossibly beautiful skinny rich person

god bless my america
4 this lithium trash
this broken sex, this slut
of theseus